What is Digital Real Estate?

What is Digital Real Estate?

“The term digital real estate refers to the domain names, digital ad networks, social media monikers, or other markers that stake out a space online as being yours, a company’s, or any other entity”  

In today’s market, the virtual locations of your business are often becoming more and more important than the brick and mortar locations.

What is digital real estate and why should we allocate 26-49% of our current market budget to invest in it? And is it worth competing for prime position on page one properties, which can be costly?

 The answer is Yes!

 (“Personal injury attorneys Detroit” is a My City Guide Digital Real Estate Property)




When you compare costly PPC ad campaigns of today you will see the future is Organic Digital Real Estate. Digital Real Estate can take many forms, from a free service such as a Twitter account, to highly regulated and sometimes, costly domains.

(Watch an example of Organic Digital Real Estate)

Automotive Industry

 (“ThinkFordfirst.co – Fordoftomorrow.com” are My City Guide Digital Real Estate Properties)

Hotel & Leisure Industry

 (“TrustedBrandnames.info” – “instantmediamarketing” are My City Guide Digital Real Estate Properties)

What all digital real estate has in common, however, is that it provides an access point or digital front for brands. Put simply, your digital assets must be relevant to your business.

Can you own digital real estate?

The short answer is no as digital real estate is often just an account held with an organisation – and they control how it can be used.

However, the long answer is YES! MY CITY GUIDE DIGITAL MEDIA REAL ESTATE can build a Digital Network Germane to the clients needs and desires, captivating millions, Organically with a pop up free network all their own.

Just like in the physical world, there are good reasons to invest and stake claim to the best spaces online for your business – and sometimes that means investing.


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